Thursday, October 18, 2007

The world coming to an end?

I have had some seriously weird dreams the last two nights. The other night, I dreamt I quit my degree, joined the Marines (the U.S. Marines, specifically, which is odd since I'm neither a U.S. citizen nor do I live there), and shipped myself off to Iraq. This after almost quitting training from it being too hard, but getting all determined and dedicated (see every clich├ęd army movie in the history of Hollywood). By the end of the movie, there I was, M82A1 sniper rifle in hand, aboard a troop transport to go shoot insurgents. Keep in mind, I'm about as anti-war, anti-military as you can get, and this is just plain odd.

Last night, I dreamt that city after city was being levelled by some mysterious force that nobody could explain. Everything would be fine, then all of a sudden, all the tallest buildings would spontaneously collapse. Earthquake? Terrorism? Nobody knew. Then, sure enough, the city I was in got hit. I could see row after row of building go down, and knew mine was coming (I was in a skyscraper and the collapsing ones were getting closer and closer to mine). I grabbed my brother who was inexplicably there, and we fled to the basement, where there was a series of interconnected tunnels (basically like The Path in Toronto, for anyone familiar with that). We heard buildings all around us collapse, but we made it out alive, and got to the waterfront, met up with a bunch of people fleeing the destruction, and were then attacked by (I shit you not) Optimus Prime and Voltron, who I guess were evil, and possibly the cause of the destruction. Very weird. Also, at some point, a group of us refugees were asked if we were circumcised. Perhaps our rescuers were the Jewish U.N. or something?

Weird weird weird!

"Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real."
-Tupac Shakur

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