Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sigh.... because being robbed once isn't enough!

So, I've been robbed again. This time, though, I wasn't broken into. I was mugged. Two guys grabbed me from behind while I was walking through the park near my house. I was listening to my iPod and walking home (given the dodginess of this area, not a really good idea, I know), when I was attacked from behind and knocked down. I tried to fight back, but they had the element of surprise. Plus, despite what action movies will tell you, a 2-to-1 advantage is almost insurmountable in a fight. If your name isn't Clark Kent, and the two people aren't children, you're basically screwed. So, though I fought as best I could, the ultimately convinced me (through many facial punches), to give up trying and hand over my cash (all of £15-20! Score for them!). They also managed to make off with my PDA (a Sony CliĆ© NR70V) and my Leatherman. I'm OK, and it could have been much worse-aside from beating me up more than they did do, they could've taken my iPod or my phone (I'm actually surprised they didn't). But still, eneded up posing about £100 worth of stuff I probably can't afford to replace and getin my face scratched up. Not my most fun night!

Now, in fairness, it was stupid of me to walk alone at night, listening to my iPod through a moderately risky part of the city. But this still pisses me off. These guys are basically cowardly vultures, waiting for a quick and easy strike. I wish I'd had the togetherness to fight back better, or probably even better, had gotten home earlier and thus avoided the whole mess. Because aside from being pissed off, it's now made me jumpy everywhere I go, and doubly so in that park, which I have to walk through twice a day. This is my home, you should be able to feel safe in your home area.

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